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       ... the patients asked and we made it a reality ...       

For 25 years, I have seen patients with keratoconus and other corneal issues. On a daily basis, I would be asked, "Is there anything that I can take or food I should eat for my keratoconus that would potentially help my condition and vision to not get worse?" Until recently, my answer was unfortunately not. There was never a product available that focused on the main issue in keratoconus which is oxidative stress (OS) that I could recommend even as study after study showed that OS was primarily responsible for the vision changes, scarring and disease progression that we routinely see in keratoconus. So realizing this, I set out to develop a formulation of my own that would possess the necessary antioxidant nutrients that the cornea needs to support its efforts to overcome OS, while still being affordable and of the highest quality. Thus Stabil-Eyez was born. I began recommending them to patients in my office and then subsequently introducing them to a broader audience yearning for a dietary supplement that is tailored strictly to the unique metabolic needs of the cornea in keratoconus patients. In its first year of release, it is still the first and only supplement of its kind and has earned worldwide accolades from doctors and patients alike. I ask you to try our product. I am sure you will find that it helps support corneal health and ultimately to help preserve your vision and quality of life.


Thank you from all of us at Stabli-Eyez for your continued support and we wish you all peace and good health.


Dr. Christopher Scheno, OD

Keratoconus Specialist

Founder of Stabil-Eyez Nutraceuticals, LLC

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